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SGA management system
Health and safety at work

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ISO 45001 is an international standard for the Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS). It was developed to help organizations create safer and healthier workplaces while minimizing risks and hazards in the workplace. ISO 45001 was first published in March 2018 and replaced the previous OHSAS 18001.

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Compliance with ISO 45001 is essential because you want your employees to feel safe and healthy at work!

For whom is an SGA management system important?

This question is easy to answer: every organization that employs staff should have a systematic approach to health and safety. It does not matter whether it is a company in a specific sector, whether it is a small family business or a global corporation, a non-profit organization or a municipal administration. It is essential that employees have the certainty that they are working in a safe working environment. This is not only good for their health, but also an essential prerequisite for motivation and efficient work.

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We at ferrolog are your partner when it comes to SGA management systems in your company and support you in all relevant tasks! Do you need a partner to advise you on ISO 45001?

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This enables us to provide support in matters of occupational health and safety:

Key facts - Everything you need to know about the ISO 45001 standard

ISO 45001 aims to help organizations establish an effective OHSMS that protects and promotes the health and safety of employees. It provides a framework for identifying risks and hazards in the workplace and implementing measures to minimize risks.

The standard can be applied by organizations of any size and in different industries, regardless of their geographical location. It is aimed at companies, government agencies, non-profit organizations and other institutions.

ISO 45001 follows the high-level structure (HLS), which is also used by other ISO management system standards such as ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO 14001 (environmental management). This structure facilitates the integration of health and safety aspects into other management systems.

Implementing ISO 45001 can provide a number of benefits for organizations, including better health and safety management (including reducing workplace accidents and illnesses), improving employee satisfaction, minimizing liability risks and enhancing corporate reputation.

It is important to note that ISO 45001 is not a rigid set of rules, but a flexible framework that helps organizations meet their specific occupational health and safety requirements and needs. Applying the standard can help to create safer working environments and promote the well-being of employees.

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We support you with the planning and implementation of your occupational health and safety management system and, of course, with various other management systems. These areas are among our main areas of responsibility:

Support with an integrated management system, incl. the following standards:

Safety management in railroad operations

Entity in Charge of Maintenance

Quality management

Environmental management

Energy management

Railway Operations

Personnel placement
e.g. train driver, wagon master, etc.

Maintenance of rail vehicles
Maintenance Management

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