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Entity in Charge of Maintanance
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ECM certification mandatory for all rail vehicles from June 2022

Since June 2022, certification has been mandatory for all rail vehicles in accordance with the ECM Regulation. This important innovation marks a significant step towards strengthening safety and maintenance standards in rail transport.

Why is the introduction of the ECM Regulation in rail transport important?

The introduction of this certification requirement is of great importance as it ensures that rail vehicles, regardless of their type or intended use, comply with the prescribed standards and procedures in the area of maintenance. This reduces the likelihood of incidents and accidents, which not only ensures the safety of passengers and staff, but also supports the smooth operation of public transport and freight transportation by rail. ECM certification thus becomes a crucial tool for ensuring the reliability and safety of the entire rail system.

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What is the ECM certification requirement anyway?

“ECM” stands for “Entity in Charge of Maintenance . The concept of ECM relates to the responsibility, implementation and requirements in the area of rail vehicle maintenance.

In accordance with European railroad regulations and directives, railroad operators and rail vehicle owners are obliged to appoint a body responsible for maintenance. This responsible body is responsible for ensuring that the maintenance processes are carried out properly in order to guarantee the safety and reliability of rail operations.

What are the tasks of an entity in charge of maintenance?

The tasks of a responsible body for maintenance include the planning and execution of maintenance work, compliance with maintenance standards and procedures, the monitoring of maintenance activities and the documentation of maintenance measures.

The concept of ECM is an important part of railroad safety and maintenance regulations as it helps to ensure that rail vehicles are kept in a safe and operational condition.

ECM functions and their responsibilities

Into which sub-areas can the ECM certification obligation be divided?

The concept of ECM (Entity in Charge of Maintenance) is divided into four parts or functions, which are referred to as ECM 1 to ECM 4. These categories describe the responsibilities and scope of maintenance work for different parts of the rail system. Here is a more detailed explanation of each of the ECM categories:

This function is responsible for the coordination and management of the entire maintenance process. This includes developing maintenance procedures and strategies, ensuring compliance with regulations and standards, and monitoring and controlling maintenance activities across the entire rail system.

ECM 2 focuses on the development of maintenance plans and strategies. This includes identifying maintenance requirements, defining maintenance intervals and procedures and drawing up maintenance plans for rail vehicles.

ECM 3 deals with the management of the rail vehicle fleet. This includes the planning and coordination of inspections, maintenance and repairs of rail vehicles to ensure that they meet requirements and can be operated safely.

ECM 4 covers the actual execution of maintenance work. This includes the maintenance and repair of rail vehicles in accordance with the maintenance plans and procedures developed.

Safe operation thanks to maintenance system

ECM management for railroads
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Support with an integrated management system, incl. the following standards:

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Health & safety at work

Quality management

Environmental management

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Railway Operations

Personnel placement
e.g. train driver, wagon master, etc.

Maintenance of rail vehicles
Maintenance Management

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