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Maintenance of rail vehicles with Ferrolog

ECM stands for “Entity in Charge of Maintenance” and refers to an organization or unit that is responsible for the maintenance of rail vehicles in railroad operations. This unit is responsible for planning, carrying out and monitoring the maintenance and repair of rail vehicles to ensure their safe and reliable operation. At Ferrolog, we not only manage these functions but also ensure that they are implemented correctly and properly.

Tasks of the ECM

The tasks of an ECM can be diverse and include, among other things

Overview of the ECM functions

Management function

Maintenance development function

ECM III: Fleet maintenance management function

ECM IV: Maintenance provision function

Optimizing the maintenance of rail vehicles - ferrolog is your partner for the maintenance and management of rail vehicles.

Regardless of the manufacturer of your vehicle components. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know what is important. We are always looking for suitable solutions for you!

Our experts as experienced partners in rail vehicle maintenance

Do you need reliable partners who take care of maintenance management as well as the integration and implementation of maintenance on your rail vehicles? Then ferrolog is the right company for you! We offer an all-round service for companies in the rail sector.

We are your partner when it comes to management systems and operational activities in railroad operations

What services do you get with ferrolog?

Support with an integrated management system, incl. the following standards:

Safety management in railroad operations

Entity in Charge of Maintenance

Health & safety at work

Quality management

Environmental management

Energy management

Railway Operations

Personnel placement
e.g. train driver, wagon master, etc.

Maintenance of rail vehicles
Maintenance Management

Our service means quality - rail vehicle maintenance

No matter which standards you have to comply with – we do our part to ensure that you can successfully comply with the relevant regulations!

Send us an inquiry now and we will discuss together how we can best support your company!